why choose us?

A few words about us

We're open all year!   And frankly, you're the reason why.  When you keep coming in, we stay open. When we're open the food stays fresh.  When the food's fresh, the word gets around... and the cycle continues.   Judging by just how many of you ARE coming in we'll be around for a good long time.  See?  Our business is based on YOU!  And being open all year gives you the benefit of having delicious sandwiches any time you come visit Avalon.  Even in winter.

So, come on in! Lunch time is the best time for having Seven Mile Island Deli sandwiches.  They're perfect for taking to the beach.... just wear a coat if it's wintertime, we don't want you to catch a cold. 


Our little take-out location at 3101 Dune Drive was established in 2009. We have been growing yearly.  ( These days it's best to call in just to be sure you don't get stuck in a line at our busiest times.)  With fresh ingredients and reasonable prices, we've attracted more and more customers.  Being just a little shop tucked out of the way, we can be overlooked and often customers say: "I didn't even know you were here!".  But we are beginning to get noticed. And when folks discover us, they keep coming back!  Pretty soon we'll have to get a bigger location just to serve you better. 

About Us